objects and sculptures
Sculptures in five meter format. 500 year old olive roots. Hand flatterer from the Olivastra tree. Everything handmade with a lot of love and even more work.These are lover's pieces for nature lovers with an appreciation for art.In the picture; Covid is sleeping. Be careful. He wakes up when touched.(Engelhaldepark Kempten 2020)



Very special pieces of olive wood can often be found on a huge plot of land in Tuscany. Sometimes I can salvage one of these from the firewood stash


Leonardo is the root of a 500-year-old Olivastra tree. After many hours of work, a black piece of mold became this wonderful object. I named it after his contemporary Leonardo da Vinci. 

Leonardo is approx. 60 cm high, 40 x 40 wide.It is sanded, oiled and waxed.

adam and eva

The huge two-part spruce trunk from my neighbor's forest broke apart while being unloaded. This is how Adam and Eve came into being, a chainsaw work that has now seen several updates and changes of location.. 


A topic that has bothered me for a very long time; ego. The person who wants to free themselves from their ego. Who stretches to become more. Better, more important, bigger, richer. ego, that is the human being; You and me.

A beech tree trunk became another version of the ego. The first one was made from clay in 1990. It was fired by my son's art teacher and has been with me ever since..